All of Yesterday

File this under: The New Normal.

So it looks like my department will stay open. I will have a job and get paid so I can continue to pay for school, etc.

One of my classes was held online yesterday. That was nice. My friend and I can talk to each other via text throughout the entire class and never get caught. 😀 Of course, this is a class I do well in and is not really difficult at all. I cannot imagine how high schoolers and junior highers are going to learn anything if they are doing that. Still, it relieves the tension because our professor, while nice, is not a very organized person. And half of our classmates never do the homework. And, well, sometimes you just have to make a joke about it or your head will explode. 😉

My other class was not held online. Instead, we were required to read through the lectures on Canvas. This class is normally 2.5 hours. It took me less than an hour to read through the material. This included the time I took to copy all the lectures and paste them into files on Notion so I could write notes there instead of on paper. I’m not sure what we were going to be doing that other 1.5 hours because yesterday was the first day ever of that class.

I also ended up rehearing this idea that we only have emotions because we have been taught those emotions exist. I wanted to ask they guy, so if my kid is murdered, in front of me, I’m only angry and sad and traumatized because I’ve been taught those emotions exist? Otherwise, I’d be hunky-dory? I’m sure it’s more complicated than the way he explained it, but I’ve always found this neuro idea rather odd. Especially since animals are not “taught” to be sad, yet many grieve–birds, elephants, hippos, lions, etc–when they their loved ones die. The only animals that don’t seem to are cold-blooded, which is what this theory sounds like. To be frank, it really is a scientific version of Stoicism. And Stoicism has been growing in popularity. The more women and minorities enter into the “white man’s world” the more white men I meet who embrace and promote stoicism. I think this was the only thing my philosophy prof and I agreed on.

As for today, I need to pick up my son’s new schoolwork packet from the school. I hope they are planning on being in the driveway because going into the office would be nuts. They should really have an option that if you have access to the internet can just get them online. (Our school is in an impoverished area with over 90% of students qualifying for free school lunches so many do not have internet or computers)

Still, it will be nice to get out. And my car will appreciate being driven. When I started it up on Saturday—or was that Friday, all the days are the same right now—it revved and scared my son who thought there was a problem. I told him it was not happy about not being driven for nearly two weeks. I know I should start the motor at least once a week, but that would require un-moping myself. 🙂

Then I might work. I say “might” because the professor had to cancel class. When class is canceled, usually people do not attend sessions.

The teacher canceled because she has her ultrasound today. I am trying to pretend I do not know that. Ultrasounds scare the hell out of me. When my friends have ultrasounds, I wait in fear for the results. It’s been almost 19 years, but I will never look at an u/s as an opportunity to find the supposed gender, like so many do. It is a diagnostic tool to discover what might be wrong with the baby. It gives me nightmares.

Aside from work, I really should probably clean. Depression makes that act impossible. Right now we have only maintained. I did, fortunately, do all my laundry over the weekend. I say “fortunately” because our dryer broke yesterday. We cannot go to the laundromat like I usually do in such a crisis. We have to hang dry everything.

Well, that’s that. So much fun here in quarantine. What have you been doing to kill time?

One thought on “All of Yesterday

  1. Well that dude is completely wrong about emotions. Emotions are an evolutionary tool to collect and process data, about ourselves, and others, our needs and their needs. It’s also a language and way to communicate when verbal communication isn’t possible, either because of age, geographic origin or disability.

    And yes, animals also have emotions.

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