Today was supposed to be the “back to mostly normal” day. Go back to work. Go back to school. Then came the email last night to let me and my colleagues know that the back to work part is not so certain.

Even though we were assured by school leadership that we would have jobs and get paid for the duration of the term, someone has decided that’s up to debate. So, back to work is not so certain because the rich, the ones who are going to have jobs and who already have enough to make it through this period on the off chance they didn’t, are going to decide today if those of us making minimum wage and working less than 20hrs/wk get to have money to pay the few bills for which our jobs pay.

Because that’s what rich people do.

Rather than go into it myself, I’ll direct you to an excellent video I found yesterday and agreed with wholeheartedly even before I found out I might lose my job. My favorite line is “why don’t the rich have enough money put aside for a rainy?” lol. Anyway, it’s worth the watch, unless you are a Republican or a mainstream Dem and enjoy being poor while the rich piss on you. Then you probably won’t like it. And you are probably the reincarnation of my grandfather.

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