Let Them Eat Cake

It’s been a rough couple of days. I went “back to work” for training on Monday. It’s always difficult for me to connect with people and doing it in the midst of stress makes it almost impossible. When we finished for the day, I felt this weird sensation. This is real. This odd event I am experiencing, others are seeing as well. It isn’t just me, it’s everyone. That made it too real for a while that afternoon.

I calmed myself down, mostly, and was feeling better, then I read the news and saw Trump had opened his mouth again and was threatening to send everyone back to work.

I know how little rich people care for anyone. I try to explain to my kids that no rich people are looking out for the interest of their employees, only their pocketbook. If this was not true, they’d pay their housekeepers and gardeners a living wage and they wouldn’t have sent our jobs to foreign countries after the unions drove up pay to a decent rate for American workers.

Elon Musk, Costco, etc, are all examples of the control the rich hold over the poor and glaring examples of how they really don’t give a damn about any of us.

But it’s one thing for Musk to be a jerk and for Costco to be controlling, it’s another when a person with the political power to force us all back to “normal” before this virus is contained says he will do just that–for the money and the power.

Trump is an illiterate, narcissistic bully. We all know that. Even his supporters know that. (That’s why they like him.) This is just the latest of the cruel actions that will define this presidency forever. And, to be honest, is exactly what we can expect from him, and all the other rich people. They don’t care about the poor, and they use the middle class to further their agenda. So, why was I expecting different?

I don’t know as I was. I think it was just one of those moments when I realized, again, how much of threat he is. And it just happened at a moment when I was on the border of, “OK, I can deal with this,” and “this is all to real.”

The response of the rich to the needs of those who are beneath them will always be “let them eat cake.” And my conclusion, after the last two days of news, is the same as it was when I first heard it:

We’re f*cked.

But my son doesn’t know that. He trusts me to protect him and he thinks as long as I am here, everything will be OK. Yesterday he occupied himself creating Kirby props. 🙂

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