A sure sign that I am extremely stressed is insomnia. I have been doing pretty well this year. I had one weekend where things were completely terrible, and I had a brief period when my body was adjusting to my switch to half-caff coffee. Otherwise, I’ve slept fairly soundly since Winter Break.

I have tried to keep myself calm by mostly shutting down this week. It won’t do for me to have my anxiety peak while I am stuck home with the kids for who knows how long. I can begin to have problems with anger if my anxiety is high so I don’t want that.

I’m trying a few things this week. Hopefully they will help, because I go back to work next week for online training for Zoom.

I assume it’s this way for a lot of people. Humans are not fans of confusion and chaos, nor do we like the unknown or change of any kind. Two of my kids, the one who worries, and the one who doesn’t seem to at all, are not sleeping either. I hear them wandering around the house at night.

Under normal circumstances, if my anxiety was this high, Saturday and Sunday would be beach days and we’d be up in the Central Coast getting some fresh air. Obviously, that can’t happen.

So, what are you doing to relieve the anxiety?

3 thoughts on “Sleep

    1. Well, it’s mostly due to having been isolated for so many years. I spent yesterday working through a lot of it and I do feel a little better today. But that will likely fluctuate. My daughter’s school, online now as it may be, is closed for staff meetings today, so she and I are going to go into the backyard and clean it up better so we can spend more time outside if it warms up. I’ll stop by your blog later, see how you’ve been. 🙂 When school is on, I’m so haphazard about online stuff. Too much homework and lesson planning for work. 😀

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      1. I hope you continue finding ways to make it easier to get through this! No worries about reciprocal visits – I visit when I can and don’t take it personally when others aren’t able to do the same!


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