And we’ve only just started.

The best song about boredom ever. 😀

The chance that we all go back to school and work as soon as school and work originally thought is looking less and less likely. I don’t know how normal people feel about that, but I feel really terrible.

I was fine with this whole mess, well, relatively, until I got an email from work yesterday cancelling in person training next week. The entire campus is shut down and we will do all of our training and work from home. I really did think that was what I wanted, until it happened. Now that I know I will be stuck here for at least a month without seeing another adult or having a conversation outside stuff to do with my kids, I’m not so fine.

Yesterday I just shut down after I got the email. I find that is not productive but it helps me keep the panic at bay. Today I have spent the morning helping one of my high schoolers with homework. I have accomplished nothing else. I am behind in trying to get my own work done and I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

And then there is food. We have stuff but I do need to order some more. That just makes me feel guilty because retail workers aren’t paid enough as it is. To ask them to come in each day, then to take home with them a potentially deadly virus, is starting to annoy me. But I have no idea how else to get our food. Even if our garden was in full swing it’s not big enough to feed us all indefinitely. And then we’d need to order seeds eventually to plant more and, well, that takes a while to grow. *sigh* And, well, protein.

My feeling is they should start paying those workers about three times what they usually make. In fact, anyone who is forced to go into work and potentially be exposed should get hazard pay.

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