Shopping, and Things

Just a short post to remind people that most largely populated areas have grocery delivery. Yeah, I totally forgot it, because it costs extra and so I don’t use it. That’s what we’ll be doing mostly from here on out.

I placed my first order yesterday morning. It won’t be here until Thursday night, but that’s better than going to the store and getting exposed, or participating in exposing others (ie retail employees) to something.

Yes, it’s more expensive. But just cut out something from your usual trip that will cover the cost of delivery. Yes, it’s less convenient, but so is sickness and death, so that argument is “weak sauce” to quote Knives Out. 😉

Today is a sunny day. Finally. So we will finish school work (I’m the only one who is actually on a break) and go into the backyard. We don’t usually. That is the domain of my older son so I just ignore it.

I think we’ll clean off the patio and wash up some deck chairs, then we can sit outside and get some air. It’s going to be terrible if we are stuck inside much longer.

What are you planning on doing if you are stuck at home?

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