Sunday 1.5.20

I had a nice list of things to do today. But this morning it really hit me that today is the last day of winter break. Most of the things on the list have been left for tomorrow. I took it easy. R and I went to the park after the grocery shopping was done.

We had a very nice time since it was just the two of us. There was no one to interfere with his imagination or tell him to play somewhere he didn’t want to play. He really enjoyed himself. Of course, when I take the kids to the park, I usually just sit on the blanket and read. R let me know that wasn’t happening before we even left. How does a somewhat non-verbal child do that? Well, he planned to bring two toys of his own to play with and when he learned that none of his siblings were joining him, he got me two toys so I could play with him. 😄

Made cookies (I’m trying to figure out how to do GF and Vegan cookies–either–so they turn out somewhat like normal cookies). Made a simple dinner.

Now I actually feel like doing a few of the things I planned today. Never underestimate the power of taking it easy when you need to. 🙂

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