One Thing

It is a strange bit of information about people, they almost all believe there is ONE thing that will save them. A religion, A philosophy, A person, A decision—A, one, only, alone.

Perhaps that is the reason for the pain and the heartache of life. We are told, often from childhood, that one thing will fix all things.

Our religion, our philosophy, our people, our decisions—The group, our group, only, exclusive.

“If only people believed like us,” our elder’s intoned. “Then the world would be a better place.”

We want life to be as simple as that. We want people to be as simple as that. We believe we are nothing more than simple.

Life is not simple. People are not. I am not.

Salvation is in a multitude of things. The silence of the early day, the sounds of nature as the sun breaks, the bustle of humanity on a busy street, the work each does, the thoughts of the mind, the actions we are driven to, in the choices we make and the choices made for us.

Salvation is in ourselves alone. Salvation, not in the narrow sense that the world’s major religions insist exists, but the saving of our very selves, the perseverance in the midst of despair, the knowledge that I will make the next step regardless how painful it is. That is not from any outside source because all outside sources will fail.

I always have me. And that is always enough.

But that is not just one thing. No person is that simple. I don’t know yet, the complexities. I only know that each person is a multitude of ideas and thoughts and dreams and feelings and experiences.

We are holistic.

We are each not just one thing.

But each one of us is enough.

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