After a lot of mental deliberation and anguish, I decided that I should drop the Bio part of my major. It’s disappointing, but with as much work as I’ve already done, I might be able to add it as a minor when I get to SLO.

So, now, I can graduate when J graduates from 8th and K graduates high school and that was the original plan before the breakdown. Well, UCSB was the original plan, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to move the kids again for a while if I don’t have to. And I’d have to take Shakespeare. 🙂

I will continue to work for the math professor doing Algebra. The difference next term is one of my sessions will be online. That will be very interesting. I’m excited to learn some new things, though.

Mainly this will free me up to read and, especially, write more. I love math, and it really helps calm my anxiety, so I’m glad I can keep up with that. But I am happier reading and writing. (Well, except The Song of Roland. Ugh. That book is just one of those that makes you think, “How is this a classic?” Give me the violence and gore of Beowulf rather than a bunch of men acting the very way they accuse women of always acting—catty. :D)

Another benefit of this decision is that I will be able to go all the way through with the Spanish classes. Obviously, being bi-lingual will help my job prospects immensely. I had planned, long, long ago, to go to Cancun to work. But the drawback is that it would be difficult for R, who will always be with me. They don’t have a lot of services in Mexico from what I’ve been told. Maybe I’ll go to Finland and teach Spanish. 😉

Well, I’m just rambling now. It’s been a long day, again, and I still have a word count to make and a chapter to get written. And Roland to read. :/

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