Odd Stuff

Yes, I did just start this “paper” with a definition. I wanted this post to be shocking. And, if you are an English major, that will shock and horrify you–worse even than my lazy blog grammar.

I’ve been thinking lately of posting more of my research/school-type papers here, but, as has been the case every time I begin to think about it, I chicken out. I’m not sure why. My professors like my work. I get good marks. But the idea of posting that sort of thing for the world to see is terrifying.

Every professor I’ve ever had, even the ones who didn’t like me, and vice versa, has said that writing is what I should do. I’ve written now for every subject except Chemistry (I have two short papers for it this term that I haven’t gotten around to yet) and Philosophy (I had a lame Philosophy prof, in case that seems odd). But when it comes to putting that sort of thing, whether science- or history- or literature-related, out to the public, I freeze up.

Well, one more thing to work on, I suppose. I mean, I can’t really go out into the world and do the work I want if I can’t handle the public seeing it.

One thought on “Odd Stuff

  1. The blog can be a great place to post that kind of material and it can be a portfolio of your work. Don’t worry about what people think, easy to say but it is true. The thing I would worry more about would be plagiarism and the possibility of someone ripping off your work and submitting it as their own.


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