Week 1

I’m not gonna say this is THE most important semester of my college life, only because I don’t know what will happen once I transfer and do upper level work. But, hey, no pressure.

It went well. I’m trying not to spend hours copiously going over every single interaction with every single person to see how I screwed it up. Key word, “trying.”

Work is going well, at least if I avoid the main campus. There are too many people at the main campus office. If I talk to too many people, I spend the rest of the day considering how I messed up and they probably hate me. 😀 Nothing like a little social anxiety on top of your regular anxiety, eh?

Chemistry is, obviously, the most difficult. Being back in a STEM class while also being in a Humanities class (World Lit A) is quite the contrast. I can see why people prefer Humanities majors. Chemistry lectures are pretty much like listening to a book on audible on the fastest setting. It’s as if the professor figures, “Hey, I’ve got slides so I can talk as fast as I can.” If he loses his teaching position, he could do those disclaimers at the end of commercials.

Of course, in STEM classes, I don’t usually spend hours second guessing conversations, because there are relatively few. In Lit, well, hopefully everyone is really self-absorbed and they don’t even remember me. hehe.

L does not like my new lab partner. He says she should do her own work. I told him I really don’t care if she copies from me because I’m only there to pass. Of course, if I fail, she fails with me so there’s that. I’m not joking here. She literally asked me to text my answers when I finish our current lab. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a lab partner do that. But, as I said, I’m just focused on passing so I can’t even let it bother me. She’s a pretty negative person (she already said she can’t pass the class) so maybe she’ll drop and I can get a new lab partner.

J officially starts school today which meant I had to spend the weekend getting her subjects together. Because the school screwed up her registration, she does not have books yet, so we are winging it. She has to cover all the subjects so I can’t just let her do the few things I already have the books for. We’ll see how that goes at the end of the month. I was able to get her into a STEM class on Monday mornings. Happy about that because she needs to get out and into a classroom at least once a week. Someday we will hopefully live somewhere she can be safe going to school.

For fun this week, I had lunch in the park on Saturday. It was really hot, but it was a relief from the a/c in the library. 🙂 And on Sunday, I took L to see “Blinded by the Light.” It’s my second time seeing it. I thought I might go back next weekend, too, but it is the 5th Saturday so I need to find something to do with the kids. This year, unless I have an exam on the following Tuesday, I am going to try to get everything done before their Saturdays with me so we can do something fun. This week we will avoid the beach, however, since it’s apparently a holiday weekend.

Well, that’s all the random stuff from the first week I can think of. I’d love to go back and take a nap now, like I did last week in the mornings, but I have actual homework I want to stay caught up on. 🙂

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