Play Local

I’ve been so busy with school that I failed to notice there were five Saturdays this month and that today was the fifth Saturday. I had not planned anything with the kids, thinking they’d be with their dad and I’d be doing homework. I briefly considered another garden, or even the Norton Simon where they have a concert and art in their sculpture garden on Saturdays, but I nixed them for distance. I did still have homework to finish, after all.

Not really sure what to do, only recalling in my panic that there is a Children’s Museum nearby but that the teenagers would probably not appreciate that, I typed “museum” into my map app. When the local museums popped up I recalled that we have two downtown. So, off we went. I didn’t even bother to check the price because, honestly, I was just desperate. 😀

We went to the art museum first. They have a small building that used to house the electric company at the beginning of the last century. It’s a nice little place. I go to a few art museums and, considering the money they have to work with, it was a very nice display.

At first, R was complaining that he was tired. Art museums aren’t really his speed. But then we walked into the first room displaying a local artist who teaches at CalPoly. He really enjoyed her work. It’s odd, but he sees things in odd art that the rest of us don’t. Or maybe I just don’t because I’m more of a matter-of-fact person. But I do enjoy art and have tried to learn to understand it better since returning to school.

Above is my favorite of hers because it reminds me of something out of Where the Wild Things Are.

Walked around to the history museum through the rose garden. There is also a nice garden out front of the museum that has native plants.

Inside the history museum it was fairly dark so I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures. L was very happy because he likes history.

One thing he wasn’t happy about was the lack of history about the Native peoples who were here before the Spanish. But they did have this, which is better than we’ve seen at the Mission museums we’ve visited. There were also some books on the topic in the store so I might go back and pick one up for him.

The museum is doing some construction, so hopefully it will have more information about Natives from the IE. The area is getting better about this. There is even a language class for all kids to learn Tongva. Hopefully we’ll progress. I would like my kids to know more. I grew up 10 miles from a reservation and knew nothing, not even that it existed. That was in the 70s and 80s and my family is very racist so I never was able to learn much about this part of history.

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