…Then I Decided to Write

Yes, that happened years ago. But it was only the last year that I decided to take it seriously and change my major.

I have blogged for years, but about nine months ago, I had to shut down all my public social media and blog because I couldn’t take my ex stalking me anymore. During that time, I tried a few different blog platforms, but all of them lacked in one or more areas that I knew WordPress had that I liked. So, I’ve returned to WP, under a different name and far less personal writing.

My focus has shifted in my life. Yes, I still care about the same things, but I have a goal that is more or less attainable. Changing the collective minds of religious people about what love is and is not was like banging my head against a wall, so I have shaken the proverbial dust from my sandals and told them to go…

Hmmm, should I swear on this blog? That is the question. Many people consider swearing to be unprofessional and since I was to be a professional writer, I actually spend a lot of time pondering this as if it was some deep philosophical question. It might be just that.

My writing now toggles between more vernacular and extremely academic. Since I’m a student, I let myself slide. But this site will be a mixture of both. I plan to do some chapter-by-chapter book reviews, probably starting with “This Book is Gay” from a mom of an LGBT+ perspective. I might post some of my school papers here. And I hope to hone my research writing skills as opposed to writing my opinion as I have for most of my writing life. There is nothing wrong with an opinion, but if it’s not backed by facts, it probably shouldn’t be something we hold too dearly.

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